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Be Direct with Mental WellBeing

In Your Organisation

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COVID-19 WellBeing Offer

During COVID-19 we're offering free use of our WellBeing Tool to assist your employees and your business

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WellBeing.Direct is Simple, Quick and Engaging
Designed to be used by anyone - from Employees to Students

Use it in your organisation to show you care & assist with Good Mental Health

An Additional Avenue for Good Mental Health:

  • Make it easier to voice concerns

  • Reduce absence

  • Reduce attrition

  • Demonstrate you are invested in mental well being

  • Track Trends

  • Build stronger relationships

plus much more…


Positive Mind

Positive Vibe

Positive Life

WellBeing.Direct Supporting

Good Mental Health

People can feel down or anxious - maybe unsure about their future in personal or work life. New situations can cause anxiety.

Often people don't want to face this in person, they'd prefer an outlet which is confidential, easy & quick ... Somewhere they can vent, anonymously if they want to or ask for help.

As an organisation knowing and supporting all of this is paramount to good Mental Well Being, and this is exactly what WellBeing.Direct offers.

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When staff are feeling a bit down & nothing seems to lift their spirits but they aren't confident to speak to their managers and seek help face to face WellBeing.Direct can help.

It assists anyone to make contact when usually they don't have the confidence to use the traditional avenues.

Assisting with development of positive attitudes towards life, and the most complex & challenging circumstances.

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Students are in a 'flux' time of life and they need people to care and understand - but often peer pressure can affect them from asking for it.

WellBeing.Direct is their care outlet.

Giving them a place to share, vent and 'offload' - no matter how minor or major it is.

It's a stepping stone for those that aren't confident in voicing their concerns a loud, and an avenue to ask for assistance and gain new attitudes towards all of life’s most complex matters.

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WellBeing.Direct is an outlet for anyone, whether it's a care home resident, an adult with learning disabilities, or a foster child.

The service is there as an extra path for assistance, to help solve current problems and improve positive thinking and behavior.


Working in conjunction with current counselling programs it can guide anyone to the support they need - all in confidence.


Everyone needs to know there's always a 'listening ear' & 'shoulder to lean on'.

Globalization concept

WellBeing.Direct is Functionally Rich ...

- Available 24/365

- On any 'Smart' Device

- Quick, Easy & Engaging

- Confidential & can be Anonymous

- Auto-Alerts

- Fully Customisable

- Instant Dashboard Results

- Download - Reporting & Analysis

- Simple to Track Trends

- Assist mental health

- Keep everyone Happy & Healthy

WellBeing.Direct Services

WellBeing.Direct provide a range of services to compliment mental health programs already utilised in your organisation, or can be the foundation for a new program.

Designed for anyone - employees, students, those in care - & used to strengthen confidence, and help good mental health everywhere.

Bringing 'Insight' to organisations & enabling them to assist is top priority for Good Mental Health & Well Being.

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